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The Playroom And It's Beginnings 

  Growing up with sickle cell anemia was a struggle not only for us but as well as our family and friends. Trying to be strong for the people that love us is not the issue. Being strong for yourself is the hardest thing sometimes. When you're in and out the hospital in unbelievable amounts of pain it gets hard. But, we always found comfort at the end of the hall on the Hemotology ward of the hospital. That is where we actually met and since that day we have been really good friends. We would always reminisce on how "The Playroom" at the hospital brought us together. It brought us new friends, many smiles and new experiences. We were thinking out loud one day on how we'd like to help others with Sickle Cell along with their families and friends. We came up with the idea of  an organization that would be all about education, support, and fun. we are all about bringing those with all types of Sickle Cell together so that no one should ever feel alone. We are an organization of education, awareness and most of all support, no matter who you are, where you're from or what type of Sickle Cell you have. No matter what, you are always welcome and remember theres No Pain In The Playroom.

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